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What is Yin Yoga and Why Should We Be Doing It?

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a gentle style of Yoga with roots in Chinese Medicine. In Yin, unlike traditional Hatha Yoga, poses are held passively with the muscles relaxed and often with the body supported by props. However, the length of time spent in each pose is longer than in a normal Hatha class which results in deep stretching and release.

What is Yin good for?

Yin is particularly good for increasing mobility around potentially stiff joints like the hips and shoulders. It is also great for gently stretching muscles. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Yin Yoga (especially when combined with meditation like Yoga Nidra) is mental calm and well-being. It’s very rare in modern life that people ever really relax without a distraction (books/TVs/phones/wine etc.) and actually allowing the body to really be still and take some rest can be hugely beneficial.

Who is Yin Yoga for?

As it is so gentle Yin is great for pregnant women, older adults, those recovering from injuries… but crucially it’s also really good for people who are young, fit and drawn to really active types of exercise because of its meditative quality and the deep relaxation and stretching it offers. Yin is all about restoring balance, whether that’s loosening tight muscles and joints or offering a peaceful space in a world which is very yang (lots of work, looking after children, fast-paced sports).

Yin with Holly’s Breathing Space Yoga

I am really committed to offering a weekly Yin and Yoga Nidra class because I think that it is so important to find balance and space for self-care in our lives. I teach Yin in a style which borders on Restorative Yoga and is designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. I provide all mats, bolsters, blocks and blankets. My new Yin course is launching on 5th May and will run weekly on Sundays 7:30-9pm in Little Bookham Village Hall. Drop ins £15, four weeks £48. Any questions just get in touch: Booking available on my website:



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